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Once you realize in order to make real money in the Internet Marketing space it requires
Action, Organization, Creating and Selling, you can start to make real progress. So, you've
stopped buying every new course and now you are ready to do your own. Before you can get
started, you must organize your space. The challenge I ran into was I use three
different computers. I have two Mac's and a PC. I wanted to have all my files, bookmarks,
and passwords available and up-to-date no matter which computer I sat down to use.

Here's what I did, and you can too:

First, I signed up for dropbox . Dropbox will enable you to automatically sync
all of your files between Mac's and PC's. You can also access all of your files from other computers.

Second, I switched to using Mozilla Firefox as my browser on all my computers as is has
the capability of add-ons and works seamlessly on both Mac and PC. I then added the add-on
called X-Marks. X-Marks allows you to automatically sync all of your bookmarks between
your Mac's and PC's.

Third, I signed up for 1Password and installed it on my Mac's, PC and cell phone so now
I have all of my passwords synced between all of them automatically.

The next step is to back-up your data regularly. For this I used Time Machine on the Mac (built in
to the Mac operating system) and Acronis TruImage for the PC. Many other solutions work,
but these are the ones I have found I can recover from problems every time without issues.

The last step is to organize your files into a directory structure that makes sense to you.
Do the same with your bookmarks and make sure you use folders so you can actually find
things when you need to. Load up 1Password with all of your passwords.

Then back-up all of your computers.

Next time I will show you how I setup my social networking between my Blog, Twitter,
Facebook,YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. and where I do updates so things push appropriately.

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