How To Be 75%+ More Productive…

Have you ever started a project and because you have so many tools, software programs, themes, plugins, etc. you have a hard time getting started as you don't want to paint yourself into a corner and use the wrong tool for the job?

Do you find yourself continually buying the next program or plugin (i.e. shiny object), as you get lured in to yet another seemingly better way to get the job done?

Do you find yourself paying for upgrades for programs you've only used a couple of times or not at all just to stay current?

Here's my advice for making yourself as much as 75% more productive and saving yourself wads of money in the process:

  • Draw out/plan the funnel or project you are trying to develop first
  • Look at each part of that funnel or project and determine the type of work/skills you need to complete it.
  • Inventory the tools, programs, memberships, themes, plug-ins, etc. etc. you already have and categorize what you can do with each of them.
  • Pick one in each category and standardize on using that going forward
  • Spend the time to learn how to really use what you've standardized on as well as any additional skills you NEED to implement your project.

Things change so quickly online, use the Just-In-Time mentality for your training and purchases. Invest the time and money ONLY when you are ready to implement it.

That's it…

For example: There is no reason to have a membership in LeadPages and ClickFunnels, as well as WordPress with OptimizePress and Profit Builder. If you have all these options you will not only have four ways to accomplish basically the same things, with minor differences, but you will never get started as you try to figure out which one to use and you will be spending money unnecessarily. Pick one and Learn it!

Other examples: How many of you have both Aweber and GetResponse? How many have Kajabi and Wishlist or S2 Member for Membership Sites? How many of you have Photoshop yet purchase other programs to do graphics easier? How many of you have multiple ways to pull off a Webinar with Hangouts?

Figure out what you can accomplish with the tools you have, LEARN how to use them and CREATE instead of collecting a bunch of tools to get the same thing accomplished and never actually doing anything with them.

They are just tools. The purpose is to create and produce, not to collect.

One side note: It is important to stay up to date with what tools are available. Switching to a new and more capable tool makes sense IF you need the capabilities AND the new tool can replace some of your existing tools, OR if it saves you time OR money, BUT not just because its new and different.

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