Buying Based On Bonuses Clouds Your Efforts…

As the Internet Marketing world continues to attract more people and everyone seems to be on everyone’s list, the competition during affiliate product launches is growing. It seems that with every launch of a new product we all get multiple emails from multiple marketers pushing the same product. Marketer’s also have many tricks to be the one who actually gets the sale like throwing in additional training, software tools, free coaching calls and even offering to promote your product to their list.

We find ourselves buying programs based on the bonuses and not necessarily on the merits of the initial product being sold. While this can be great if you actually need the bonus product or service, it can also sabotage your efforts as you become swamped in things to download, look at, organize, decide if you need them or not, etc. In fact, in some cases, we get so wrapped up in downloading the bonus material and weeding through it, we forget about the initial product and the benefits it may provide. This can be a huge time suck and what seemed like the way to go has actually just slowed you down or diverted you from your real marketing efforts.


Usually when new products come out they are focused on one small piece of a very large puzzle. We have to ask ourselves, do I really need another way to create videos if the one I have does what I need to do right now? That’s the key thing here… what you need right now! The fact is, there are new products coming out and old products being relaunched every day. If you need what they are offering, great, but if you aren’t quite ready for it I would suggest waiting as it will in fact just cost you money and slow you down.

There is a progression in getting setup in your own Internet Marketing business and you don’t need a new way to get traffic before you have a place to send it. You also don’t need a way to get JV’s and Affiliates before you have a product for sale. Think about what you need to know or have right now and don’t let a new system, bonuses or a free webinar divert you from doing the work. You only need what you need.

My suggestion is to use Just-In-Time learning as well as Just-In-Time buying. Learn it and buy it when you are ready to implement it, otherwise you will spend your time wondering what to do with all those programs and tools. It will become so overwhelming you will start looking for an easier method as you think this one is harder than it actually is. Have a plan and don’t get sucked in by every shiny object. Remember: Bonuses, free tools, coaching, etc are just more shiny objects. You don’t need more stuff, you need the right stuff at the right time.

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