Design Your Funnel First!

If you want to simplify your product marketing, before making your squeeze, launch and sales pages, design your sales funnel. By designing your entire funnel first including all upsets, downfalls, thank you pages, etc. you will gain a better understanding of how the customer experience will flow prior to creating your pages. Will it be a multi-page launch or a single sales page? Will it be a timed launch or will it be evergreen? By designing this first, you will be able to see where there are opportunities to enhance your funnel. My recommendation is to draw it out in flowchart form so you can see how all the parts of the process flow. This process will help define what pages you will need to make and give you a road map of how to test them prior to launch.


After you design your sales funnel, decide what tools you plan to use to create each part of it. Unless you have standardized on all of your tools (which would be a good idea), you should decide what tools you will use for each page/part of the funnel. For example: do you need a video background on your opt-in page? Do you want to use exit pop-ups? Will you use audio or video on your page? What payment system will you use? Where in your funnel will you collect statistics about click-through rates, conversions and earnings, etc. etc.

When looking at the tools you will use to develop your funnel, you will need to decide how and where you will launch it. For example if you plan to release on Clickbank, you would likely use their payment system. Likewise with JVZoo and Warrior Forum. You would use the JVZoo platform or Warrior Plus. How and where do you plan to promote it? You will also need to decide how you will deliver your product or service. Will it be a digital download, membership site, webinar, physical product, etc. Will you include bonuses?

I know much of this may sound elementary, but you will find, if you plan out each part of your funnel before you start developing your product and/or website and pages, it will be easier to finish more quickly as you will have a road map of where you are going. This is a much better plan of attack than developing a product and then trying to figure out how you will sell it as you make a sale pages.

The key point I’m making here is to “Plan the whole flow” before you “Develop It”.

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