Do You Delete More Emails Than You Read?


This post is going to be very short, but might just be exactly what you need to make some progress right now. We go through life trying to plan and accomplish our goals and find ourselves constantly distracted and unorganized. We get barraged with new product announcements, affiliate offers, people wanting our time, etc., and this is just our online world. It’s a wonder we ever accomplish anything. With todays technology, smart devices, social media, new products to look at, additional training, email, text messages and a host of other things there is a never ending amount of “busy-work” preventing us from actually making progress. We work very hard and yet are slow to accomplish anything.


If you find yourself deleting more emails than you actually read, you are definitely on way too many lists and need to do something. For the next week, look at every email you get carefully and opt-out of the lists you truly don’t care about. You won’t miss the next big thing as you can always search for what you need, when you need it. This simple step will remove an amazing amount of your online clutter. That way you will gain an amazing amount of time to focus on what’s really important.

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