Don’t Gauge Your Success Using Other People’s Timelines

As you work on the pursuit of your goals, it’s easy to get discouraged as you look at what others have been able to accomplish. You have a dream and start working on it, then look at someone else in that field and wonder how they got so far, so fast. You hit roadblocks along the way and start to get discouraged, thinking to yourself, maybe I’m not cut out for this or maybe I should choose an easier goal. This leads to procrastination, negative thinking and in general slows or eliminates progress. You start looking for easier ways to achieve your goal and get into a buying spree of new tools or the time suck of non-stop learning. When you find yourself in this place, it’s time to step back and realize, you don’t have to compare yourself to anyone else to determine if you are becoming successful.


Let’s say you want to start your own business and work for yourself. You look around and see 20 year olds who have done this and become millionaires and you are in your 40’s with two kids and a day job barely getting by. You have more experience and wonder why it’s so hard for you to make it happen when it seemed so easy for them. You struggle and struggle and see others getting the results you want. You get discouraged and want to give up….I SAY STOP! …. These other people are no better than you, but they may have a different skill set, different responsibilities, different barriers to leaving their day job, different financial commitments, different amounts of time they can allocate to it and frankly they may be a bit lucky. There are also things like who they know and timing that factor in.

My point here is that you should not gauge your success based on other people. If your goals are in fact what you want to achieve then keep going. Push forward an learn only what you need to learn, be persistent and methodical in your approach, notice what’s working and not working and ONLY make changes when it makes sense. The start-up companies that are successful make decisions quickly and stick with them and the ones that aren’t take forever to make a decision and yet they change them frequently.

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