Emailing to Canada – A new law has arrived!


Like the UK, Canada is implementing stiff laws on spamming people when you don't have their permission. The fines are pretty big so… it's time to get your act together if you haven't already. If you currently have a list you promote to and it includes people from Canada who have not opted onto your list, you have about a week to stop emailing them. You might want to segregate your list and remove those people.

We are going to see more and more countries implement laws like this and my recommendation is to quickly move towards opt-in only lists. In fact if you really want to be prepared long term you should move towards a double opt-in similar to what Aweber uses. If you move to using double opt-ins and make it so the customer can't get access to the product or download until after they confirm the opt-in, you may lose some customers but you will not have to worry about future laws like this one. This way you can focus on your product creation and marketing efforts.

Similarly, these laws effect messaging people with unsolicited content or promotions, so make sure you read up on these changes, understand them and comply if you want to maintain integrity in your business.

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