How to get “Unstuck” and take your business to the next level!

Do you find you are spinning your wheels wondering why you can’t make your business take off, or you can’t bring it to the next level? Do you waste a lot of your time half-dabbling in activities you believe will make your business successful, but you aren’t really sure so you don’t give it 100%?

Look… the reality is there are only a couple of things you need to get right to have your business take off. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. You only need what you need to be successful. If you have the foundation right, you don’t need to convince people to hop on board to work with you and you don’t need to sell customers on why they should buy from you. You also don’t need the latest and greatest software tools, plugins or systems. What you need is a good foundation and systematic execution!

Market Niche Verification

If you find yourself “Stuck”, make sure you understand in detail what your value proposition is and what market niche you are really in. A market niche is not created, it is discovered and must already be there in most cases. It is a huge mistake to create a product and then go looking for a customer, yet so many companies do it.

To really be successful you must be in a market with enough customers to grab a tiny piece of the market and still be hugely profitable. You must be targeting a niche within that market where the perspective customers are already experiencing pain or irrational passion combined with a sense of urgency. This must be determined from the customers point of view and not skewed by your wishful thinking.

To determine what your product should be, you must go within that perspective customers head and find a pain or passion they are actively searching for a solution for and yet have very limited options or less desirable solutions to the one you are proposing.

Revisit your market niche, validate your value proposition or product meets what the customer really needs and wants. Realize they buy more from wants than they do from needs. Systematize your implementation with only what you need to accomplish / execute your product or solution. Focus on what you do better than anyone else and either partner with someone or outsource the rest.

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