Opportunity Seeker or Entrepreneur?

If you want to know why you haven't succeeded in online marketing yet, start by asking yourself if you are an opportunity seeker or a true entrepreneur. If you jump from product to product buying the next shiny object in search of the easiest possible method, system or formula, you are likely an opportunity seeker. Having the mindset of constantly searching for the easy buck will actually prevent you from ever having a real business where you earn your freedom.

A true entrepreneur will look at the market and make a detailed plan for how they will get from point A to point B and be laser focused in their execution. They learn what they need to learn with a “just-in-time” mentality. They only buy a product when they actually “need” the product and it will pay for itself. The true entrepreneur approaches the business knowing it may be a simple business, but it still needs to be treated as a business. Reputation matters and integrity is key.

Online marketing is a numbers game and to be successful you must stay the course to completion. You must track your results, make adjustments and not give up as soon as you see a bit of failure. You will need to learn from your mistakes and really analyze what's working and not working.

So… treat your venture like a real business, don't expect to make a quick buck without the work, and lastly – Complete Something and get it up for sale. Once you do that, you can start the learning process and earning an income. You will learn far more from fumbling your way through barriers and completing something than you will from ANY program out there.

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