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There are a number of ways to link your social media sites together and depending on what sites you use, you may have a different arrangement. In an effort to take some of the guess work out of it, I thought I would share how I do it. The diagram below shows the relationships of how updates to each site are made. The green arrows show updates I have setup to happen automatically and the orange arrows show manual pushes of data.

When I want to update my customers with new information, I start out with either a Blog post or a YouTube video upload. If it's a YouTube video it will automatically update Twitter and then Facebook. If it's a Blog post, I manually Tweet it and that updates Facebook. Either way I update Google+ manually and if I choose to update LinkedIn (sometimes I don't as this is typically a different market focused more on corporate and experience information) I will post the update there instead of Twitter and it will filter through Twitter and Facebook.  My sales pages, membership sites and other websites are kept separate, but may be referenced by Blog posts, YouTube updates or Tweets. I can also Tweet or Facebook Like from within my Blog as I use WordPress with the Optimize Press Theme.

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