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If you're like most online marketers, you spend a large amount of time learning new techniques, taking new courses, buying new software tools and organizing your files. While it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques, if you're not careful, that is all you will get done. The ah-ha moment I had with my Internet Marketing Business was when I reached the point where most of the courses I was buying were all saying basically the same things. I realized one day I already knew what I needed to know and I had been wasting too much time and thousands of dollars on courses just to hear the same things in a different way. Realize, no matter what the gurus are trying to sell you, the fact remains, they are making the real money selling you the information and support services to help you implement it. The bottom line is, you can make money with these methods in ANY niche. I also realized that all of the gurus follow basically the same course of action, and I'm going to give them to you right here in my blog.

The first step is ALWAYS understanding the direct marketing business and how it works. In the next few weeks, I will walk you through the process of what all the Gurus do to succeed in this business. SO, today please dedicate a period of time to stop jumping from course to course and give me the opportunity to show you how to get it done. Start by downloading my FREE eBook if you haven't already and actually READ IT ! This will show you in detail, how to setup and run your business as well as the foundation of a direct marketing business. Even if you think you already understand it – please read it.

The next step (to come in the next few days) will show you how the gurus organize things like passwords, bookmarks, backups, etc. so they don't waste huge amounts of time looking for things. This may all seem basic to you, but rest assured, we will get to the interesting money making simplicity very quickly.

Take the time to follow along with me and you will make money the Guru way in a very short time instead of jumping from course to course and never really making it happen.

Remember: Action will get you there not buying courses. Let me show you what actions to take in the right order.

Download the book, read it and get your base direct marketing company setup correctly. Spend this first lesson learning the basics in detail.

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