Understand Your Perfectionism!

Perfectionism is often seen as a desirable trait but if it becomes extreme or unhealthy it will become harmful to your life as well as the people around you. If you are an Internet Marketer trying to make a name for yourself, unhealthy perfectionism will prevent you from getting anywhere fast. Let’s look at healthy and unhealthy perfectionism:

  • Healthy or adaptive perfectionism is when you develop your skills and are always improving / adapting your goals. You would approach things with positivity and optimism while trying to improve. This is healthy as you have realistic thinking, you set realistic goals and learn from failure so you don’t fear it. This type of perfectionism will serve you.
  • Unhealthy or maladaptive perfectionism shows up when you are rarely satisfied, tend to dismiss your achievements if it wasn’t perfect, and you get held back by the fear of failure. With this type of perfectionism you are often unhappy and unfulfilled and you may not even know why. With this type of perfectionism you take criticism personally, you care too much what others think, you avoid taking risks and you will procrastinate to the point of missing deadlines as you continue to redo things. This type of perfectionism will cripple your efforts and prevent you from achieving your goals as you see the world in an unattainable ideal instead of reality.

As you start into the New Year, ask yourself if you are a perfectionist and if so, which type. If you find you are in the second pool of perfectionists, here are some things you can try to overcome it:

  • Become aware if your nature and the impact it has on your work. Understand the good and the bad of your traits and use this knowledge to your advantage
  • Set realistic goals and understand where “good enough” is actually “good enough” so you can move on and accomplish things. You are likely far more critical of your work than anyone else will be.
  • Learn to learn from and not fear your mistakes. Remember that mistakes are a part of the learning process. As they say “Fail Fast” so you can learn quickly and do better next time.

Perfectionism can serve you, but more often than not it becomes the cause of your lack of results, procrastination, missing deadlines and a feeling of being unhappy and unfulfilled. With some small tweaks in your thinking, you can make a massive amount of progress in your life and business, but you must take the time to understand yourself.

Start the year by understanding the things you need to change in your life and set some new and realistic goals.

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