Why you need to keep moving quickly and stay focused!

If you are to be successful as an Internet Marketer you need to be able to make progress quickly for a many reasons. As you may already know, in order to create products, put up websites, maintain mailing lists, do webinars and have continued communication with your customers there is a lot to do. If you find yourself buying all kinds of training programs it’s likely because there are a number of things you don’t know how to implement yet and you're searching for answers. If you find yourself buying many software tools it’s likely because you are looking to accomplish something and you see this as an easy / effective way to accomplish it.  Do you find yourself spending time learning how to do something, you don’t finish it and get pulled off to another project only to find when you get back to it, you have to learn it all over again? Do you find yourself making plans and lists only to find when you finally have time to do the work you don’t know where to begin?

These are all common challenges with not only Internet Marketers but also any Entrepreneur running their own business. I could spend hours talking about what you can do to become more effective, stopping procrastination and to remain focused, but let me give you a few things you can do right away to improve your chance of success.

  • Have a plan! Know the exact outcome you are looking for and all the steps to get there before you start and stick with it.
  • Implement “Just-In-Time” learning so you aren’t spending time learning before you are ready to implement it. This will prevent you from forgetting it and having to learn it again before the task is complete.
  • Only buy the software tools you need to get the job done when you need them and only buy one tool for the task if possible. You probably don’t need five different tools to put videos up or to run a Google Hangout. Also: buying tools way before you are ready to implement them will likely cause them to be out-of-date when you need them. Or you may even forget you have them and buy more.
  • Learn how to outsource work for the things you are not good at. If you suck at making graphics, don’t waste time and money trying to learn how to, just outsource it to keep moving.
  • When you start a project or part of a project, stick with it until it’s done so you don’t waste time starting, stopping and relearning things.
  • Keep moving quickly and efficiently so when your product or website is complete, it’s not obsolete before you release it. Things change quickly in this space so you need to be timely and unique to be successful. Carve out time and make consistent progress every day, no matter how small.

If you make changes in your buying, learning and work habits to implement this list, you will be well on your way to success. You will get there quicker, with less work while spending less money in the process.

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