Are You Unique?

OK, you’ve started your business and you are giving up all of your free time in pursuit of freedom from your day job. You’ve done your market research and have identified a niche large enough to build a business around and you are passionate about it. Within that niche you have uncovered a problem or need the market needs a solution for. There are competitors in the space so you know you will be able to also sell other products and find joint venture partners and/or affiliates. You’ve researched the demographics of your customer and what drives them so you know your angle when you start to sell. You’ve researched the problem and have a solution to build a product around. I have one question for you?

Are you or is your solution “Unique” in some way or are you just another person selling the same thing as everyone else in that space?

Are You Unique?

If you are truly “Unique” and also have a valid solution to a valid problem in a valid niche it will be far easier to gain the mind share of your customers. People will see you as a trend setter, expert, guru or whatever other title you’d like them to give you. If you can present a solution that is simple, fast and does not require a huge amount of education (i.e. it’s Newbie Friendly) you truly have a winner.

Take a few minutes and take a fresh look at your business solution to verify what you have is truly “Unique”. I think you will find, if you can make your product “Unique” in some way it will be a lot easier to gain your customers attention. Does your product have a simpler approach, is it faster to implement or is it focused on someone with little to no experience? Find something that makes you “Unique” and solves the problem. Find your “Unique Selling Proposition” and focus on it.

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