If you can’t do this, you will fail at just about everything!

Completion matters

As the world becomes more entrepreneurial based and we see just about everyone we know starting a business and promoting motivational advice, we’re left thinking, what does it really take to be successful? We see people kicking off conversations online asking “What’s the most important thing you need to become successful?” We hear answers like, persistence, tenacity, a detailed plan, goals, integrity, funding, etc. etc.

While all of these traits are important, I would venture to say the most important would be “follow-through”. I know so many people who get on the goals kick, make promises to people to get what they want and have a detailed plan. Unfortunately, that’s all they have. You can even throw massive action at a plan and never really get to the goal line if you don’t follow-through to completion with your plans and promises.


I recently worked with a company where the management team would promise people whatever they needed to in order to hire the people and get the results they wanted. Salary bumps, bonuses and artificial growth opportunities don’t matter if you don’t follow through. This kind of management will eventually backfire as people stop believing in you and you stop believing in yourself.

Likewise in your pursuit to start your own business, have a better relationship, lose weight or whatever other change you want to make in your life, if you don’t follow-through with your plan – you will fail. You will lose credibility with the people around you, start to question your own capabilities and waste years confusing activity with progress as you continue to tell people what your plans are and all you end up achieving is continually changing plans.

It really doesn’t matter what you plan to do or what you promise people if you never follow-through. You will be much farther along if you follow-through with a bad plan than you would be if you never finished a great plan. By doing and completing what you say you will do, you will learn more, gain credibility and confidence and be able to make the necessary changes to be even more successful.

Successful entrepreneurs make decisions quickly with the data they have at the time and they follow-through with them. Unsuccessful entrepreneurs take forever to make a decision and they change them frequently, so while they look very busy, they are severely limiting their progress.

Take something you’ve decided to do and follow-through with it. I think you will be happy with the results even if the results aren’t what you expected.

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